“More Please!”

I remember that one of the first words our son Blaine ever learned was the word more. Following after Daddy’s example, this word was used most often at dinnertime. It all started when Mindy taught him the word in sign language before he could speak. Not too far down the road, he learned to actually say it. But the word came out a little more demanding and a lot less cute than the sign seemed. He would say “MORE" for more banana, “MORE" for a refill of milk, and “MORE" for another helping of eggs. Well, over time we worked with his limited vocabulary and taught him to say, “More, please”. For Blaine, using this sweet phrase got Mommy and Daddy’s attention in a much quicker fashion. There had been nothing wrong with his previous request. It was the way he had been asking. I wonder if God often hears our request the same way. Usually when we ask the wrong way, we ask for the wrong things. Lord I want “MORE” stuff, “MORE” success, “MORE” status. Requests like these show us for who we really are. It shows where our priorities lie. God desires that we ask, but what are we to ask for… and in what manner? In Luke 17, the chapter begins with Jesus instructing his disciple on some hard issues. He speaks about the requirements of forgiveness and servant hood. In the midst of these teachings, the disciples must have felt a little overwhelmed by what Jesus was saying. We read their response in verse five, “And the apostles said unto the Lord, Increase our faith." They were simply asking, “More, please. Lord, please give us more faith”. They asked the right way, and they asked for the right thing. When was the last time you asked for “more” of the spiritual. The disciples asked for “more faith." Do you need more faith? Maybe you need “more” peace, “more” hope, “more” joy. These are things worth asking for "more!" These are the things God is waiting to give you. So what have you asked God for lately, and how did you ask for it? We all want “more”… but more of what? May we daily continue to ask God for “more” ... but more of the right things!